June 7, 2021

We've updated both our CLI and API to handle multiple projects.

Heads up! This results in some breaking changes to the CLI in order for it to list projects, and will change the format of the text.json fetched by the CLI. Please upgrade your Ditto CLI via either npm or yarn.

API — 2.0.0

  • GET /project-names is the new name of the previous GET /projects endpoint. Just as before, this will return the names and IDs of projects in your Ditto workspace with Developer Mode turned on

  • GET /projects/:id will now return the structured JSON in a format compatible with multiple projects

  • GET /projects is a new endpoint that will return the content of multiple projects (specified via the query parameter projectIds) as a single JSON object

CLI — 1.0.0

  • We've updated the CLI to handle syncing multiple projects in a single directory! This means several things:

    • /ditto/config.yml now supports multiple projects. ditto-cli pull will pull all projects in the current directory's /ditto/config.yml

    • We've added two new commands to add and remove projects from /ditto/config.yml

      • ditto-cli project add

      • ditto-cli project remove

      • The regular ditto-cli project command will now function as ditto-cli project add

April 1, 2021

API — 1.1.0

  • GET /projects now includes the Component Library if Developer Mode is enabled for the Component Library

  • GET /projects/:id will return the Component Library as a structured JSON if the ID provided is ditto_component_library

February 25, 2021

API — 1.0.0

  • GET /projects endpoint for fetching Ditto projects from workspace

  • GET /projects/:id endpoint for fetching content in Ditto project as structured JSON