How do the example apps work?

Each Ditto workspace starts off with a sample project (DittoPay Signup Flow) covering a simple sign up flow for a banking app, already set up with sample components, variants, variables, and sample usage.

To quickly test drive Ditto’s developer integrations, developers can connect the sample project to a frontend using one of our example repos.

This is helpful for understanding:

  • How Ditto keeps text in sync from design to development (using our CLI)
  • How components in Ditto work (and integrate with a project)
  • How Ditto’s developer integrations work for React, iOS, or Android
  • How to utilize Ditto variants, plurals, and variable interpolation

Because the example repos come pre-loaded with the sample components’ corresponding developer IDs and a configured Ditto CLI, setup should take less than 10 minutes for a full end-to-end integration. 🎉


To try out any of the example apps, follow the instructions on the specific repo’s README.

DittoPay: React Demo App


DittoPay: React i18next Demo App


DittoPay: iOS Demo App


DittoPay: Android Demo App