Ditto’s developer integrations require an API key to authenticate requests. You can manage your API keys from the Developer Integrations page.

API keys enable programmatic access to all data in your workspace, so be sure to keep them secure. Don’t share your API keys in publicly accessible places such as GitHub or client-side code.

Generate an API key

  1. Navigate to the Developer Integrations page.
  2. Enable developer integrations for your workspace if they haven’t been enabled already (see this help guide for more information).
  3. Under the API Keys section, click + Create API key.
  4. Enter a name for the API key and click the Create button.
  5. Copy the value of the API key to your clipboard and store it somewhere safe; you won’t be able to access it again after closing the modal.

Authenticate API requests

Authorize requests to the Ditto API by passing an API key in an Authorization header:

"Authorization": "<YOUR_API_KEY>"

Here is an example request to the /components endpoint:

curl -X GET \
 --header "Authorization: <YOUR_API_KEY>" \

Authenticate the Ditto CLI

The first time you run the CLI, you’ll be asked to provide an API key.

See the CLI documentation for more information.