Ditto allows teams to keep text in sync from design to production.


A quick 3-minute overview of how you can use Ditto's CLI to sync text from mockups.
Ditto's developer tools are designed to make it easy to fetch up-to-date text data from Ditto at any point from feature development to deployment.
If you plan to integrate Ditto as part of an existing i18n workflow or a workflow with strings already decoupled from the code, you will probably want to integrate with our API directly; this will give you the most flexibility to fetch the data you need in the format you want.
If you plan to build a new i18n workflow around Ditto or integrate it into a simple one that already exists, check out our CLI; it simplifies the process of managing a repository that syncs with Ditto and is likely the fastest way for you to begin.
If you use React, you should also check out our React SDK, which is designed to work hand-in-hand with the CLI.
In either case, getting started with pulling project data from Ditto shouldn't take more than a few minutes!
Last modified 2mo ago