Usage Guidelines

Supported Use Cases

Integrations into development are typically done in one of the following two ways:
  • Text is fetched during development and committed to version control (most common)
  • Text is fetched during deployment in CI and is included as part of the application build
For many users, the Ditto CLI simplifies the integration process, and can be used as an alternative to hitting the API directly.
If you're interested in building a commercial integration with Ditto, please contact us.

Unsupported Use Cases

  • Fetching data for your application in real-time. All API endpoints are rate limited (see response headers for rate limits), and with non-trivial usage, you'll quickly run into those limits. It is not currently on our roadmap to act as a CDN, so we recommend that you integrate Ditto into your application using one of the supported use cases described above.
  • Requesting the API from a web browser. Since real-time fetching is not supported, endpoints should not be called directly from browsers; CORS headers are not configured for responses, and you'll likely run into issues if you try it.