Authentication with the Ditto CLI

In order to authenticate with the Ditto CLI, users need to have an API key. API keys are created per-user and used to access the projects in that user's Ditto workspace.


In order to log into the CLI, you'll need:

  • A Ditto account with either Admin or Editor permissions.

  • A locally installed Ditto CLI

If you don't have a Ditto account, you can sign up and create a workspace (for free!) at


To run the CLI and log in, type in your command line:

$ ditto-cli

Afterwards, you'll be prompted to provide your API key. You can find your API keys by going to the API Keys section of your User Account Settings. If haven't yet generated an API key, you can click "+ Create Key".

User page of the Account Settings. You can click "Create Key" in the API Keys section.

Once you've done this successfully, you're ready to run any of the CLI's commands!