Ditto SDKs

Ditto's SDKs helps teams surface the copy pulled from Ditto in their app.
ditto-react is a library that makes it easy to pull product copy from Ditto into React applications. It works hand-in-hand with the Ditto CLI to support integrating with either individual projects or workspace component libraries, works with all CLI formats, and has first-class support for variants.
The README of the project contains instructions for installing and integrating the library into your own codebase.


If you want to see how ditto-react can be used, check out React example project, which also contains an example of integrating Ditto into development using react-i18next.

Feature Requests

Have additional uses cases or improvements you'd want our React SDK to handle? Let us know by opening an issue, or feel free to open a pull request!

Community SDKs

In addition to ditto-react, There are also several SDKs created and maintained by members of the Ditto user community to integrate Ditto with different fronteend frameworks.
Have an SDK you want to share with the Ditto community? Let us know at [email protected], and we can list it here as well.